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Why Artful Teachers? Our Mission; is to create a portal with Creative, Easy Lessons, Age Appropriate, Informative Articles, for Teachers and People that love teaching Creative Arts to young children. We encourage you to join our group of talented people and share your ideas, learn and empower the need of more Creative Arts curriculum ideas, activities and projects that you can utilize in your classroom, home, etc. Visit Our: Categories, Resources and more things to explore. Hope to see you soon!

What is The Purpose of Art for Young Children?

Art is important to a child's developmental process. By experimenting with art, young children can express their ideas and feelings, develop motor coordination skills and learn about different types of materials and textures.

Interaction With Art Materials
With early learners, it is important to concentrate on the process instead of the product. Children can learn about colors, feelings and textures by experimenting with art materials.

Develop Motor Coordination Skills
By interacting with art materials and creating their own works of art, children can develop hand-to-eye coordination and manual dexterity.

Express Emotion
Art helps early learners to express their needs, wants and feelings.

Developing Comprehension Skills
By looking at and creating works of art, children develop the idea of sequencing, which builds their comprehension skills.

Solving Problems
Children who are exposed to art-making activities develop higher-level thinking and problem-solving skills than children who do not have this exposure.

Submit Ideas

Do you have a creative idea, art recipe or art lessons to share? It's free and easy! Each post here links directly to the idea author's blog on the COMMENTS AREA.

There are just a few rules.

1. The ideas you submit has to be your own, on your own blog, and free. A guest author on your blog is fine. Your idea should have its own post on your blog. Your idea can also be posted on flickr, instructables, crafter or other similar site. No commercial sites. Please don't link to your own online shop to purchase the supplies or finished product.

2. The ideas, along with your blog, needs to be age appropriate/classroom friendly.

3. The ideas has to teach the readers how to do something. It can be craft related, a recipe, lessons, pretty much anything as long as it describes each step and has photos along the way.

4. I ask that before submitting your first tutorial, you post a link to me on your blog sidebar. It can be a text link or you can grab my button link of my sidebar (copy/paste) on your sidebar. If you create an idea on a regular basis, I'd love to have you submit one daily, weekly, etc.
After your tutorial is posted here, be sure to check back for comments left for you.

Please help me spread the word about this blog, and therefore about your creative ideas. Twitter it. Stumble it. Link to it. Thank you!

This is a great way to promote your blog.

Before submitting your ideas, lessons or recipe - Did you read the guidelines above?

Be sure....
that this is your own blog and tutorial (or a guest writer on your blog).
that you haven't used any other photos without permission.
that you have great photos showing several steps of the process.
that you have a great photo of the finished piece.
that it's free and on a non-commercial site.
that your site is family/work friendly.
that it's not a tutorial for a "knock off".
that you're not trying to sell the supplies or the finished piece.

Get this code to Link to your Creative Art Ideas

If you want to add a Creative Art Idea link to your comment, it's really easy to use.

You first have to copy the link from your blog (right click on your post title and "copy link location address on the search") and then paste the address.

So, the only thing you need, is this simple code:  <a href="link">text to click on</a> That simple!!! Fill the bold read with your link location address and add the name of your tutorial or idea.

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