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What is The Purpose of Art for Young Children?

Art is important to a child's developmental process. By experimenting with art, young children can express their ideas and feelings, develop motor coordination skills and learn about different types of materials and textures.

Interaction With Art Materials
With early learners, it is important to concentrate on the process instead of the product. Children can learn about colors, feelings and textures by experimenting with art materials.

Develop Motor Coordination Skills
By interacting with art materials and creating their own works of art, children can develop hand-to-eye coordination and manual dexterity.

Express Emotion
Art helps early learners to express their needs, wants and feelings.

Developing Comprehension Skills
By looking at and creating works of art, children develop the idea of sequencing, which builds their comprehension skills.

Solving Problems
Children who are exposed to art-making activities develop higher-level thinking and problem-solving skills than children who do not have this exposure.

Pipe Cleaner Sculptures

☺To stimulate creativity and spacial awareness.

What You Need:

  • flat sheet of styrofoam
  • pipe cleaners various lengths and widths
  • beads various sizes, hole sizes, colors
  • anything else with a hole in it such as straws, pasta
What You Need To Do:
  1. Lay supplies out on table or workbench.
  2. Show the children that the pipe cleaners will stick in the styrofoam.
  3. Then they can slide beads, straws, pasta, etc. onto the pipe cleaners.
  4. The child can take the project home, or you can take a picture of them holding their sculpture and then reuse the supplies. Let them decide.

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